Thursday, 17 June 2010

hannah & kenduri

ye.. hannah akhirnya berjaya dibawa ke kenduri kahwin yang pertama dalam hidupnya. maklumlah, anak dok venice.. tak tahan panas. but since she has the cold on her way to kluang.. i thought.. nothing some sun can't help. bring out the little dress & huge headband & off we go to my chu's place for her daughter's wedding..

amazingly she was not cranky.. for she met my cousin ain.. and they fell in love almost instantly. hannah has a thing that i notice.. she does not need time to like you.. she will instantly (if she does).. and loathe you immediately, if she does. people always says.. kids can see ghost.. in hannah's case.. i think she can tell if you have what we malays call it "hati kaudu" hahah! seriously. it was a case study done by my dad.. where we shove her to many different people (sedara and non sedara alike). most of these people are people we've known all our lives.. some she loves.. some she hates. those she hates are the people yang mulut jahat.. or mulut manis tapi hati busuk.. bla bla bla. at first we thought she only liked pretty people.. well guess what.. she liked our cleaner. *LOL*

anyways.. here are some photos of her at the wedding (yes.. gambor pengantin leh dikira dengan jari).

the sun did her good.. plenty of goobers out of the way (cian tudung maklong hannah) .. and she fell asleep in the car, on our way back to my bandak's.


Fieran said...

I'm telling you what I told Kak Khemy as well - only 15.5 years to go before all the boys line up outside your house to catch a glimpse of the hot chick inside.

little miss kechik said...

fieran :
1. kak khemy..? awwww *hugs* i luv u!! kak khemy.. padan muke ngko
2. if history repeats itself.. that will 11.5 years from now..(lining up nak gaduh..not checking me out..hahahah!)