Tuesday, 15 June 2010

3rd snotty day..

Sigh..it's already the third day..and hannah still has the cold. the cold meds seemed to work to a certain point (she sleeps better).. But she still get very cranky when i try to wipe her boogers away. I forgot how dry & painful your nose can get when you have the cold.

But she liked it (and even volunteered!) when i needed to suck the boogers out (and yes, i still could not recall the name of that damn thing). And no..i won't suck it out with my mouth. I think it is a bit too traumatic for both of us *lol*

and i am halfway through the scotts emulsion. Belasah je togak. I think it did helped her in a way. We travelled better today. She nurses, sits in her maxi cossi, reads her books, gets sleepy, sleeps in my arms, get changed, lunch, nurse, sits, sleeps. But i did notice she didn't quiet have the appetite to nurse, or feed.

I should google on what else i can eat to help her..

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yaya+frdz+auf said...

sian hannah.... muahhhh.....