Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Over the hills..

As i count the hours down to my 31st birthday tomorrow.. I think about the things i could write about it.

Oohh.. I could write how 10, 20 years ago i wondered what will be of me when i pass the big three 0. Which, would be really nerdy of me.

Or, i could go all gung ho & talk about what i have achieved now that i am 31. Yes, even i will send myself a 'screw u la' comment lepas tu. *lol*

better..i can get all sappy & talk about what i went through (men, jerks, idiots) to get to where i am now. Why don't i just write them in malay..lagi drama kan? *hehe*

I rather not. I tell you what being 31 means to me .. It means another year just flew by my nose ..half the time without me realising it.

Have i done much? Yes. and no.

am i any wiser than i was before? wisdom comes with practise. Not age. Haha.

So here's to my turning 31. I hope hannah cuts her first tooth tomorrow. Now that's worth celebrating about *lol*


Mom again said...

happy birthday!

Khemy said...

31 this year. Happy birthday!

macam baru jer aku gaduh ngan ko pasal kelas 5KS4. aku kan assistant monitor yg rebel.huhu