Saturday, 12 June 2010


Poor little miss hannah..has her first cold. I blame the chilly 5 hour car ride (it was raining all the way).. And not having ac to sleep to later. I remembered someone telling sometimes the fan is worst then the ac.

True enough, hannah woke up with a runny nose. She never had one,so the snots were very alien to her. And she doesn't like it one bit. And the 4 hour car ride back to kluang made it worst (we even had to miss the wedding og my then bridemaid linda) .she was very cranky from ayer keroh to air hitam. Damn.

All i could do was :
A. Guzzle on Ribena ..ribena.. Ribena (hoping the vitamin c would pass on to her)
B. Guzzle on Scotts emulsion (as per reason (A))
C. Bring on that sucky nose thing that i bought before she was born. God knows what its name is..but i did manage to get some goo out. And hannah thought it was creepy but rather fun. Hee.
D. Vapour. Ahhh

Poor little hannah..

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emas_juita said...

poor hannah....auntie farah wait you at the wedding until I give up. tot why la hannah came so late....tak sihat rupenye.get well soon dear.