Friday, 2 July 2010

Baju raya..

A while back.. I saw my friend googling baju raya for her baby. I thought to myself..waa, baby pun ade baju raya? Then another friend asked if my mom's friend (who sewn all my baju kurung) sew baby's baju melayu. Waa, the raya heat is on.

I thought hannah will probably have one cute baju kurung, one super cute dress & one uber cute romper. M pretty sure caveman wouldn't be around this raya. So we'll be celebrating raya at home. Even if he is around, i will only compromise travelling back to gombak. he has no idea how difficult it is for hannah to settle down in a non a/c house..well.. I do.

M sure the baju kurung will last for an hour (for the photog session). Then its back into the rompers.

Then i realise.. Although she won't, probably until her 5th birthday..that this is my 1st raya with her. It is one of those milestones you don't forget. Like our first eid adha when she was about 3 weeks old. She won't remember she wore that tiny checkered dress,but i do!

So now.. She has 2 cotton baju kurung (the whole house decided to make our baju raya following the colour of her baju kurung..white/pink&purple). a couple of rompers that would totally fly. And a dress..that i will make caveman buy, when he comes back *lol*

it will fit her for about a month or two (all of her clothes are like that.. I buy clothes that fits her now) .. But it will go into her archive box,labeled as 'my first baju raya' ..altogether now.. Awwwwww...

As for me, yang tak berjaya menggantikan puasanya selamanya 27 hari (it is just too difficult to do so while nursing).. I only have 1 cotton baju kurung. Jadiklah.. Puasa pun belum tentu penuh lagi tahun ini.. Teehee! Wei, ibu mengandung&ibu yang menyusukan anaknya ade kelonggaran ye kawan2..


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