Friday, 2 July 2010


Hi. Mommy made me stand underneath this damn show off la.

She this tiny town of ours.. There are plenty of fabulous things which doesn't cost daddy his ears & nostrils.

Like, this oriental lantern that she got for rm7.90 each. Which will perfectly match the new curtain that she bought at rm2 / meter. Also oriental. She bought it for my room too (hers is red to match her red chandelier, mine is pink to match with..err.. The pink elephant she got me yesterday. I think).

I think she's cheap, but she says she does things like this cos she loves daddy (saving his money la..). That's why she also bought the burbery inspired storage box (which opah has hijacked), the little missy mugs, and she told me she's going to google what people actually do with those cute wooden pegs. she saw a whole lot of them, but decided to google & plan first. She told me don't tell daddy.

M so telling on her.


Anonymous said...

kak teh, i have burberry inspired curtain...=)

little miss kechik said...

woot! niceee... masa beli yang oriental tu... yang burberry tu ade. but i just got a baroque curtain. tensen makcik. murah lak tu burberry tu. tapi ade bunga in between. yours ade tak?

Anonymous said...

xde bunga..but mine is burberry pink tau..sgt suke..ntah..mami lah belikan.