Sunday, 18 July 2010

a little bluesy..

yes.. i believe all moms go through a bluesy mood once in a while. i feel tired.. depressed.. broke.. all at once. it feels too overwhelming. and the whole week last week i was going around the office like a moody bitch on a really bad period. teehee. and no, i am not menstruating. hehe!

all i want to do is go home & curl up by myself. but could i when munchkin is tagging on my feet with a smile like these?

sigh... i love my life. the only thing i need is her..

p/s : thank you mama siti yang belikan baju beach bum lumut ni.. nak suh mommy gi beli.. kat lumut tu.. m not a tourist in this town ok.. heheh!


khemy said...

mak aih semangatnyer..baper kilo dah ni cik hannah oi?

little miss kechik said...

paling kuat pun 9kg je...