Monday, 19 July 2010

Say cheese..??

I have been going around looking for desert and snacks that i could give hannah. So far she loves melons. But since she has this thing against dairy product, it has been kind of a restricted process for me.

I honestly have tried only a handful of the recipes in the annabel karmel book. Masa beli aritu kemain semangat lagi. Hee.

And since yogurt is out of the picture, i thought maybe cheese is ok. a lady posted an answer in my yahoo answer on this. Saying she grew up with an allergy to dairies. But cheese was never an issue.

Well, hannah hated it. She usually doesn't refuse food. She tried, and made a face. The next time she saw me eating a kraft cheesestix, she wrinkles her nose & turn away. Hehe.

So what does a mommy do? As usual, she finishes it up for her kid la. m not really a cheese person, but i figured the calcium ought to do me good. And more. I've been having leaks again. Which is a sign of ampleness of milkynous goodness (too much tigger&pooh over the weekend). And hannah has not shown any adverse sign,so yippee!

so here's to another milk booster..cheerss! Oh should i say.. Cheese!! (yela,sangat lame..haha!)

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yaya+frdz+auf said...

yeke....wahhh.... :)