Sunday, 4 July 2010

out in the woods..

after reading yaya's entry on auf's day out.. i thought to myself.. oh yea.. hannah has never touched the dirty soil of our garden.. what more grass (or in our case.. pegaga.. rumput sume mati).

so she was a bit bored today.. and i didn't want to take her out .. (my back needs a rest..hehe) .. so i took her out on her bumbo to our garden instead. eversince i got pregnant.. i have been neglecting my garden.. and as a result.. it turned into a garden, that i didn't like. plants that i didn't like.. pots that i didn't like (i mean.. 20.. in a row? seriously?). so now that hannah is a biiittttt bigger.. i finally have the chance to redo our garden. in bits & pieces.

i have totally flipped the garden from an ala2 english garden (roses, hydrangeas.. what nots) to a tropical garden. since greens are less mean then roses.. so greens it is!

and the pegaga.. umm.. the grass were badly affected by the draught a couple of months ago (before we did the awning).. and at about the same time.. no one had the time to water the entire garden. so it died.. and the pegaga invaded the space. currently m defertilizing the soil & slowly i could see some grass again. yey.

hopefully by the time auf gets his tiny butt in lumut.. the garden is much better.. so we can bumbo bumbo both auf & hannah (weirdly.. the whole day hannah was going auf auf..auf auf hahahah)..


yaya+frdz+auf said...

nice shot....gila kentang! haha. suka plak minah tu kt garden.

khemy said...

i should get Canon EOS thingamajig bonus tahun depan. (eh pehal tetiba plak..)