Monday, 19 July 2010

Wedding bells.. cousin hani (who's freaking good at making me buy things i don't need) gave me a link of a lady who does canvas printing. I bet one of hannah's photo (which,ehem..i took) would look really good on canvas. Which reminded me of..

one of my wedding photos. Which.. Is still on the floor. After two years. As beautiful as the photos taken by waq of jangguttouch.. I still could not figure out where i'd hung them. We even get complains on why there were so little of our wedding photos around. Yes, we didn't even develop the remaining 4GB of our wedding photos.

Then, adry of kreasi (my artsy crafty friend in bandung) uploaded a photo of my wedding doorgift. Which, she made and oh so beautiful and i only have 1 of it and m the bloody bride.

Which, adds up to the snowball effect of.. How much i wanna go home & stare into our very blank walls.

Hee. Right. Segala alasan nak mengulat..heheh!


yaya+frdz+auf said...

....i saw tht canvas link which...hmm...i...hmm...nak jugakkk! teheee....thanks to hani bunny. ;)

little miss kechik said...

TECHNICALLY...puan hani juga merupakan sepupu lu beb.. a long line of sepupu sepapat..heheh!

Hani said...

the downside of digital technology...gambaq x cuci berlambaq²

Anonymous said...

uhuk..uhuk...terbatuk2 sbb ade org sebut nama gua dlm blog..hehehhee...xpe, yatt tu klassmate kita masa skolah..