Monday, 23 August 2010

Daddy bye bye..

when we were dating.. I dreaded the day he has to leave. He used to sail for 9 friggin months!

When we got married.. I hated the fact that everything is my call. But 9 became 3 months.. And i even liked the fact that i have the house all by myself.

When i got pregnant.. I imagined the worst, in the middle of the night.. Alone. You knowla.. Water breaks, bloody shows, cramps. Of course none of it happens and i became so engrossed in this thing that was growing in me.. I didnt even notice time flies.

Then hannah came along.. And 3 became 2 months.. And i didn't even realise he's gone. And back. And gone again *lol*

But it kills me to see hannah cries for her daddy. With weaning, teething, reversed crawling.. I think she's one very stressed out baby. Hee.

Hopefully the dibo plushy & book which are on our way could distract her. At least for a couple of nights. Hehehe.


khemy said...

yes we get to wear our grandma panties and sans-wired bras.

little miss kechik said...