Monday, 9 August 2010

It has been a week since hannah is on the formula (in between ebm and direct feedings).she sleeps better at night (she used to wake up every hour!).. But it has to be done by my mom. She wouldn't take the formula from me. Teehee.

So far there have been no adverse reactions. Thank god for soy! Hee.

And mamamya was so right. for once i did not feel guilty if i missed one express session. Or if i express too little. Or i had to stay back to finish work. Or if she wakes up every one hour because she was hungry.

And we all notice she has been gaining weight. Both my arms and knees are sore! And her cheecks. Woot! Alhamdulillah..

Well, although i was a bit sad i had to wean her off at eight months.. but hei.. It was all worth it. after eight months of exclusive breastfeeding.. She only had a runny nose. LEpas ni tak tau la kan..insyaallah..


kakakdegil said...

Hannah dah on fm eh?
Boleh tanya tak pakai susu apa?
My baby taknak langsung fm
And every 1 hour mesti terjaga masa tidur..

little miss kechik said...

currently she's on isomil soy (LF). so far okla. tapi tatau la kan.. hehe! tapi adventure jugakla. my mom yang kena bagik.. i bagik tobat die tanak.. so kalau malam kenalah turun mintak my mom bagik die susu.. hehe! that part i still dunno what to do..
yea.. hannah pun dulu bangun every hour.. lapo gamaknye..