Thursday, 9 September 2010

my little friend..

 its been a while since my little friend paid me a visit.. i think the last time i had my period was .. er.. february 2009? that's like a year and 7 months ago.
i woke up for sahur thinking.. nah.. i don't think i could make it today.. not with hannah nursing all night.. and crying. i have no idea why. but i think she's hungry. she was so cranky the night before, i didn't get to persuade her to take her formula. all she wants is mommy. as mommy was busy running around getting getting the last few items for raya.. and work! so i couldn't get home during lunch to nurse her.. and she hates that.
the next thing i know.. i got my peds. dang! that explains why my milk supply was so low. i expected it to be low due to the fasting.. but not this low.. and this bad cramps that i get occasionally.
so now that m menstruating again.. will my milk supply depletes? need to find out...

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