Thursday, 16 September 2010

Eid 2010

i still can't believe it has been a year since the last Eid. remember last Eid.. braxton hicks segala bagai.. 2 weeks bed rest. hehehe!

this year.. minus caveman (again) it was really2.. good! not because caveman takde masa raya la kan.. hehe.. but because the hostess with the mostess a.k.a me.. received the most unexpected guests. ever! the mushroom was packed from day 1.. until today.. raya ke.. entahla..

of course hannah had to deal with her stranger anxiety.. sometimes it was really bad my cousins were hiding under the pillows to laugh...(hannah would cry when people laugh.. its either she thinks we're laughing at her.. or she's scared of the booming sound of our laughter..which, runs in the family) ..

and the food was delis.. yumsy cheesetarts and lychee cake was a hit. both, bought. hhehehe!

here are some of my favourite photos during Eid.. and thanks to cousin yaya, hani & leli (mana daa URL blog ngkorang??), uda and the batu pahat clan.. you guys really made our raya really something la.. tee hee hee.. tahun depan datang lagi e... !

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khemy said...

macam ku kenal mamat kat atas tu (yang berair liur, bukan pak othman la)..auf kah??

ps: hannah gigi kapak besau nyer..embun pun macam besau, tapi still tunggul...