Sunday, 19 September 2010

when she looks like a he..

For those who knew my youngest brother.. They might look at this pic & went :

'eh nua..mana janggut??'

there's a freaky resemblance between the two. Especially when she sleeps,she looked exactly like my brother. In this photo.. her reclined hair line looked exactly like his!

I tried to take a photo of the two of them together during raya.. Unfortunately.. Hannah was playing hard to get. Sampailah ayah su die habis cuti. Bengkek je mamat tu. Hehe!

I remembered dressing my brother up in a girl's dress.. In a tudung.. For i so wanted a sister. And he looked so cute in them! And my cousin hanie actually has a photo of him in a baju kurung! *lol*

I guess my wait is over..and its worth the wait.. Hehehe

P/s : should he someday has a son, maybe he'd look like me?hahahha


yaya+frdz+auf said...

eh nuar.... gebunya kulitt.... hehe...

hanieharis said...

we should dress her in baju melayu!!!