Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bed rails..

I thank god for bed rails.. Now i can sleep in peace knowing there's minimal (insyaAllah) risk that mon mons will slip & fall in her sleep.

She somehow has a thing for sleeping at the ends of our bed. I think its because the a/c & fan is directly aimed at the foot of our bed,thus she loves the chilly breeze. Trust me,my mon mons sweats even in an a/c room! Something she will blame daddy for, someday. Hehe!

Not wanting history to repeat itself (yours truly fell off parents' bed during a siesta & ended up with stiches on her chin).. I got these Safety 1st bedrails on

Now i'd wake up & find her sleeping at the feet..and can go back to sleep without having to drag her back next to me. For she will find her way back when she needs to nurse. Hee

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