Friday, 31 December 2010

2010.. in retrospective..

in 2010.. i regretted the fact that..

1. i did not fight harder for my munchkin a.k.a keledek a.k.a mon mons. i give in to the corporate evilness.. and as a result .. my milk supply depleted. although m still breastfeeding her to this date.. i wished i had stand up for her booby rights and said "i belong at home with my baby. not here". but i didn't. and i didnt even get my annual bonus! f**k

2. i didn't get to spend enough time with my nephews. as i met them in december during their school holiday... i realised they've grown up & i missed a lot of things in their life. i mean.. azim is going to be in primary 1 & i actually thought he's turning 6. sigh.

3. i did not save enough. instead i spent too much. on... what else.. baby stuff la. hahaha!

4. i was too focus in being a mom.. i forgot a whole of other things.

in 2010.. i am proud that ..

1. did not get any panic attack, being a first time mom.. assisted by my parents.. whom have lost and forgotten everything about parenting a under 12 months baby *LOL* . so even if i didn't get my bonus.. who cares.. they are my bonus.

2. managed to turn around at work & did better then last year. well.. almost.

3. i managed a household ok, without caveman around. tiring but ok. but i think i need a bibik la for 2011. *LOL*

in 2011.. i hope to :

1. continue breastfeeding mons mons..until she is ready to quit. hopefully.
2. save more. spend less. ni paling susah ni! heheh! but caveman has decided to take a 7 months unpaid leave in 2012, to under went a course. so that is very scary to me.. 7 months is long! so 2011 is to save up for that.
3. be a better mom.. physically, mentally & religiously (is that a word?).
4. organize more family reunions! wait.. m supposed to be saving up kan? dang!

buhhbyee 2010... heeloooooooooooo 2011.

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