Monday, 27 December 2010

Being 13

1. The moment hannah hits the 1 year old mark, i noticed she looked very grown up. It is either me who dresses her up very big girly like (which i doubt) .. Or, her curls, 8 chunky & tiny teeth, made her look like one.

2. She has not started walking yet. But climbing like a commando..hell yeah. both my parents has seen her took baby steps, unfortunately i haven't. Being a working mom sucks!

3. our home is extra lively these days.. As hannah is quite a becok little munchkin. It is like having a real conversation. Almost. Hehe. Among her infamous quotes are :
1. duck = duck
2. Car = car
3. Mamam = eat
4. Nenen = its booby time! Ofcourse now she goes straight to 'ma, nak t***k!' haha!
5.nanak = tak nak / no
6. Nanak andi = tak nak mandi *lol*
7. pah = opah
8. Bah = abah @ my dad
9. Yah = my 2nd brother
10. Papa = my 1st brother
11. Acu = my youngest brother
12. Kakak = everyone else other then the above hehe
13. Nana = herself
14. Na = her plushies
15. Patti = every indian lady she sees. Patti in indian is grandma. Something she learnt from our housekeeper.
16. Mama = mommy. Hee.
17. Shaping = pisang
18. Bibird = bird
19. Park = park
20. Nak tak?
21. Shantekk = cantik/pretty

4. Still a booby baby. But it is such a sad deal when she wakes up crying at nite&m totally drained. If i hand her the formula, it got worst. She would be sobbing and screamed nanak!nanak! Sometimes when i told her i don't have milk,she'd go ada!ada! Heartbreaking. I am practically living on oats & soy now.

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auf says mamamm nenen = booby time. hahahaha.....