Tuesday, 25 January 2011


january has been busy. super. in between my crazy work..(sampai ke bosan cameron for a meeting?? seriously?) to some sad news..

hannah for one travelled a whole lot this month.first i took her to cameron highlands.. since i cannot be away from her.. so bawakla segala buai bagai ke cameron. photos coming soon..

then found out one of my junior at school ..her 4 month old baby passed away.. tersedak susu they call it..? it happened at the baby sitter's. she choked while sleeping on her belly..or so i was told.. innalillah..

then luckily i've packed for the melaka trip.. for then i found out my other grandma passed away. i did have an entry on this.. through sms..then i just realise today it didnt got through. wat penat menaip je. so from a melaka trip (for the Bank's convention) to a trip all the way to Endau. poor hannah, it was a long (like 10 hours! inclusive of lunch break..nappy break..and berbagai2 break lagi) long drive. and instead of staying at philea melaka..she had to stay at seri malaysia endau. blergh. it tripped like, every 10mins during the day. oh well. she cant always have it good kan.. kaasik rasa dok budget hotel sikit. heheh!

so after a week of leave..m sooo not in the mood to go back to work.. sigh...

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