Tuesday, 25 January 2011

to the dearly departed?

i was preparing the labels for the yassin books for this weekend kenduri arwah..which was initially planned for arwah mak..but with the untimely passing of tok tik.. it would for her too.. and for both my arwah grandad..

i have the labels ready.. names.. but no wordings. i know.. i know.. its a kenduri arwah..what nonsense am i talking about right? but trust me.. i have this issue everytime im asked to do labels. hehehe!

so i actually googled.. to the dearly departed.. then m like.. apekejadahnye ini? then i googled..ucapan takziah. lagi teruk. focus kechik..focus! last2 i googled.. ayat quran tentang mati. press enter. presto.


bacalah..it is a good read. i must admit..since hannah came along there were a lot of things i overlooked. well you know la a baby is always blamed for eveything.. saggy boobs la.. 20kg degil la.. hehehhe.. unlike when i was pregnant.. i tried not to miss anything..yela, orang kata akhlak anak tu start dari dalam perut ibu. so i never took shortcuts.. i never used mp3, it was purely quran recitals, daily. when i could not stand, i sit. so long as i don't have to miss my prayers.

but that was then. then she came along. and everything was about her. there goes my prayers..my recitals. sigh.

i visited arwah mak's grave when i was in kluang last week. i went there on her birthday. 21st january. and guess what..it still has that sweet smell ..it came and go during the yassin recital. made me realise, everything else don't last.. except for your goodwills.

jadik puan2.. selamat beramal.. *hee*

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