Thursday, 17 March 2011

the universal word..

reading yaya's post at 05:00 got me thinking (since i couldn't sleep anyway..cos i was thinking..and since i couldn't come up with a solution..i stopped thinking..but couldn't sleep so i had to think of something.. hehe)..

where does the word nenen comes from? i've heard it from my malay friends.. as well as my chinese & indonesian friends. Google doesn't seem much of a help. mostly obscene. heheh. except for a super swanky baby shop in jakarta called nenen. i kid you not.

and..does anyone ever wonder how babies picked that word up? i'm pretty sure it wasn't something we teach them to say. when i was pregnant.. i vowed not to teach hannah the word nenen..and well.. t***k. because i've seen kids say this effortlessly..tanpa sebarang pelat..heheh..and i wonder do their moms seriously teach them that.

so i didn't. when she was about 3 months old she calls it nyek. means she wants to nurse. 6 months.. 9 months.. 12 months.. still nyek. good, i thought.. i figured the word nenen is something you teach. until last month..

"mi... nak nenen t***k"

*LOL* and she came out with it herself. i mean, i doubt my parents go around saying that two words kan.. hehehhe! and i checked my friend who has a baby boy hannah's age.. and he is not breastfed.. he knows it naturally too! now hannah would stare at my boobs & giggle & say.. well.. you know what she said la.. hehhehe!

weird tak? hmmmm...


yaya+frdz+auf said...

its true.. Hahaha. Auf cakap 'mamamnenen' tetiba. terkejut beruk wa! hahaha.

anis said...

Omg did she really say that? LOL teagy calls it nanaa