Tuesday, 15 March 2011


It has been so long since i sit down & type a proper post. Not that i'm sitting down as i type this. I still find mms blogging oh so convenient. Because i can blog while i nurse. Probably the only down time of the day for me.

Anyway, march gave me quiet a scare for it was the first time hannah caught the fever bug. It was unpleasant. She didn't know what's happening to her. I didn't know what's happening to her. She woke up in the morning, in kluang, with a temperature. The next thing i knew she's all cranky&sobby. Lucky us kluang has a paed that opens on a lunch hour.she wouldn't let us bath her (which we did anyway). She wouldn't let us put that bye bye fever thing on her forehead (which i did after she fell asleep). She wouldn't eat,drink. All she wants to do is nurse. all i could do was drink gallons of water&scotts emulsion, hoping it would pass on to her. Alhamdulillah the temperature dropped by late afternoon. And she was quick to recover the next day.

The other night mare was of course my SIL's wedding. Hannah has a reputation of being an outcast @ difficult baby at my MIL's. And amongst caveman's aunts, uncles& cousins. Well, it's not her fault that she don't like being around one too many strangers all in one go kan.so the whole 3 days she clung to my feet&sobbed mii..mii (mommy). which dragged on when we went to meet my peeps at klcc. Sigh. Oh well. She was happy when we took her to burger king & toys r us after that. Hehe.

And so with that we cancelled all our other holiday plans. So the only break we had during caveman's break this time was the 2 night at traders. Which i hated. Part mat saleh je senyum sampai geraham. Part wa je, ic, credit card sume main campak atas meja je. M sure they have read my bad review by now. Ooo which reminds me i have yet to write a review on it at tripadvisor. Muhaha. Mati kau! But seriously..double standards should not happen at a shang rila group,don't you think?


anis said...

Eh why cannot use bye bye fever? I usually use that after teagy's immunization shots and she gets feverish and start burnin up in her sleep.

zaila said...

ntah die. geli kot. i like it though. i'd put it on her once she's asleep. then the next day it sorta grew on her..die amik letak sendiri. hahah!