Monday, 9 May 2011

tooth fairy

i've been complaining about my wisdom tooth for years now. it come and go. but this year. i insisted on having an xray done. and.. tadaaa.. much to my dislike.. there they are.. all 4 of themm.. waiting to sprung out. unfortunately, there were no space left on either side.. up or down. worst.. the bottom teeth.. has grown horizontally.. and pushing the tooth next to it. ouch. indeed.

so i went to pantai specialist..since they there were the only one with a dental surgeon.. and i was told it's a big deal. which means i have to be warded. which means i have to wait for caveman to come back in june. which also means.. i have to leave mons for at least 1 night. what??!? this is not happening!!

but maybe i'll lost all those extra weight..since i'll only be on liquid diet? hmmm....

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anis said...

omg i hate it! my top ones are fully out and now the bottoms hurt like crazy! im so scared to have it taken out haha