Monday, 9 May 2011

Childhood friends..

When i was a toddler..the only friends i had was my brothers. Though they hated me, and even planned my assasination *lol*, they were all i got. and the other friend i had was a boy whom parents are my parents' best friends. And my mom said i had an imaginary sister. Spooky.

Then we moved to taman hijau..where we lived for the next 26 years (until i got married&moved in to our mushroom pad..and dragged my parents along). And suddenly i have a huge group of friends. Ranging from as old (some older) then my some younger tots (whom became our subject of bully hee). And most of us are still friends until today as our parents are very close friends even after all these years. All of us are married with kids now.. except for those of the same age as my baby brother.

I'm telling you all this because i was nursing hannah when one of them called. Usually i'd just ignore his call if i'm busy&call him or text him later. But he kept calling me. And then the dreaded news came. His eldest brother passed away today. He fainted this morning..and passed away after Maghrib. He is probably 39,or 40..only a few years older then my eldest brother.

And this news shook my entire family. It is like losing a family member. Suddenly my childhood came flashing through. Suddenly i realise, there's so many things in life i took for granted.

I know my brothers are super sad by this. With this i extend my condolences to their family.. And will be praying semoga roh arwah abang amiezal ditempatkan bersama orang orang yang beriman.

Al Fatihah..

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