Friday, 6 May 2011

When the going gets tough..

Things have been spiralling downwards for me at work. For a few years now. And i just let it all fall around me.

Sometimes when i look at mons.. I'd pick myself up&carry on.i mean,who would hire a 30 something mom ..and everyone i ask tells me they can't afford me. And nothing beats the health benefit we got. I do have my parents & mons to consider. And to think caveman's company does not provide any medical benefit. And don't get me started on the mortgage.

So we were told the audits are coming. Since the news, i've been depressed, to a point it is affecting my bonding time w/ mons. m now to tired to play w/ her & find her antiques pinching on my nerves. She would scream in horror when i start raising my voice. She would later look me in the eye&grin her ever beautiful grin.. And i feel like punching myself for being such a monster.

Today i had a talk with my mom. Because.. A friends of ours at a nearby branch is in coma. I just met him last thursday. We were bashed up left, right, front&back at the performance meeting. Yesterday he fainted. one of his veins in his head burst. it was mainly due to stress.

it got me thinking.. If this jobs take such turn in my life.. What would happen to my family..?but can i really leave this job? And while my mom&i were talking..mons said.. Tanak!tanak! Tak bagik berenti le gamaknye *lol*

That is when i decided.. If my bos can't be a good boss.. Maybe i should be the boss. *lol* hei.. At the end of the day.. In a couple of years he's gonna get promoted since he's already in a higher job grade. My friends & i would probably spend the next donkey years here anyways. So we might as well take care of ourselves. By.. Managing this place on our own (like we're doing now).

He told us this morning.. Kalau audit tanya.. Jawabla. So fine. From now on, he will be there only to sign things. That's all he's worth anyways.

So good morning lady boss.. Let's get back to work!

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a yummy mummy handbook said...

thats a very positive what your doing...take matters in your own hand! :).

and smile always...