Thursday, 9 June 2011


If i were to compile a playlist of Mon's Favourite Songs Before She's 2..20 years from now she would've looked back& thought..damn i was a cool baby.

Which is why m thinking of a playlist project for her. Growing up, don't you ever wonder what you liked when you were a baby? If your parents are like mine, there's a very slim chance they still remember. I only remembered what i liked after the video recorder era started. My dad would record a list of videos (mj, boy george, duran duran was tops of my list hehe) & i'd be playing them to death.

Hannah loves the mtv. More then her cartoons. A vc would start & she will immediately know who is was. Sher (usher), beber (who else??), pis (b.e.p), abang, kakak (ni kalau nama susah beno nak ingat).

Her current and past super favourites are :

1. Panic!at the disco - ballad of mona lisa (ini sangat saya kagumi cos even i find the band a little too weird. This is i suspect was due to the very good looking male lead)
2. Foo fighters - no idea the name of the song but the vc is b&w
3. Everything from bruno mars. Uhuh. Besides bieber, she is practically in love w/ this dude. I dont blame her. Hee
4. Everything from bieber. She is a belieber. Probably the only thing i don't agree w/. Nuff said.
5. Everything from travie mccoy. Very good looking indeed (see a pattern emerging?)
6. That party anthem song.. Everyday m shuffling..hehhe
7. Rihanna's. Cos all of her songs will have a 'nana nana' line. And mons love it cos she calls herself nana. Go figure.
8.anything with b.o.b in them. Kalau feat. B.o.b pun suka jugak. Bob, bob die jerit. Hee. Currently she likes jessie j's price tag.
9. big time rush - bo bo bo boyfriend. Lol! Yucks. I blame the disney channel.
10. Wiz khalifa - woots. This one i sokong abeh le. Initially i didn't like this dude. I thought he looked high most of the time (menyerongeh for no apparent reason).. But after mons made me youtube him.. Wooh!

And oh yea. She loves lady gaga. Sigh..

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