Friday, 10 June 2011

Tiga puluh dua..

30 years ago.. I moved to lumut, from jb.. Where the roads are so empty you can hear yourself blink. But i loved our first home here. It had a huge bath tub. And a huge play room for all my toys.
according to my parents, i met my bestie lis at about the same time too. Sorang cakap ayam, sorang lagi itik.
Ntahla, i can't really recall. Hee.

30 years later.. I have called lumut home. Again. And it has a super cute bath tub. And a cute little nursery for my baby girl. And lis is still my bestie. And we talk ayam&itik all the time.

20 years ago.. Got my first real crush. Was so smitten, m still blushing when i think about it now *lol* got my period. Bloomed into a heavy chested girl who stood at 130cm. Sigh. and i was 30kg. Hehe.

20 years later.. My first crush is an engineer somewhere out there. I knew cos he went to the same uni with me. And my tits are still huge thank you for asking *lol* and please don't ask me about my weight. Heheh.

10 years ago.. I started my first job. Broke my heart real bad. Knew the true meaning of a shopaholic. And workaholic.

10 years later.. Still at my first job. The heart breaker is a dad of two& still calls& text me telling me he misses me (yucks i know). Still a shopaholic. Workaholic, not so much. Hee.

Today.. i'm a wife to my darl caveman. A mom to cheeky mons. still a darling in my parents eyes *lol*
i watched everyone younger then me grew into becoming happy, successful young men&women.. Some are moms&dads.. Some just got married & i thought how fast time flies..

M still friends with the people i know 30, 20, 10 years ago. And i still get birthday wishes from them that never fails to make my heart all warm&toasty.

At 32, life is good alhamdulillah.

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