Sunday, 9 September 2012

Malam malam..

I saw on someone's fb status " bowink la malam ni.. Nak wat pew jeww" ( kid, learn to spell la). And complain, complain, complain.. Sigh..

 Hence, the post.

 The changes that spawns within my 33 years of life.. My nightlife.


 Kids, in the early eighties.. There were no such thing as dvd, tablets, laptops for us kids. After a day full of activities ( and by that i dont mean language classes, artsy fartsy classes, i meant panjat tembok, jatuh lumpur, sumpik gigi kind).. All we wanna do is sleep.

My parents wont even let me watch telly and i have to be in bed by 8. My bedtime slowly progresses in accordance to my age (by 12 i think i slept by 9.30 kot?).

 Note : my 2 years and 10 months old sleeps when she pleases. 3am tu takde hal lah. How like this then? Pfttt.

 Teenage mutant years.. Ahhhh the bliss of telephones. And bffs. And boys. And telephones.

Harus. Bergayut. Sebelum. Tidur. Sape call die tak go through, esok pagi2 sure kena tiaw kat kelas. Why your house engage ah? Hehehhe. I would sprint out of my room when i hear the house phone fear of the worst probable situation.. One of my parents might picked it up and screw the boy on the other end of the line. Hehehehe! Uni years. Classes. Makan. Boys. Clubs. Classes. Makan. Boys. Clubs. Rotate for 4 years. And oh.. The revelation of handphones, and * gasps * the internet! Mirc was today's whatsapp and bbm, a.k.a the pick up joint. Angkat tangan sape pernah couple online? Wahahhahaha! Ok no name dropping please. Singlehood.. So the working life... I worked hard on most nights. No more gayut gayutan.. No more clubs. No more makan2. Its all work work work. Kids.. Work pays your bills. Being married.. Since caveman is not around periodically, when i was preggers.. I would be up at night no thanks to the bladders. And the belly. And the restless Mons mons. Being a mommy.. Here i am. Awake. Blogging. Only because i have a huge headache that wont go away. Kalau tak selamat dah ni. So i really cant complain la. My nightlife has been good, alhamdullilah. We still have a fluffy bed to call it a day. Aircond / kipas that actually works. A nice big blanket and pillows. Absolutely kind husband and kids to share it with. And more often then not, we go to bed with a full belly. So kid, dont get bored la. And stop complaining. Because the moment you stop, you'd stop getting bored.

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