Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mommy, i have issues (part 1)

My mons mons always have a bad case of constipation. An absolute nightmare for both of us. I hate watching her cry for hours. We tried everything.

Including :
 1. Use olive oil in her food
2. Apples, oranges, you get the idea
3. Hai- o BE cream
4. Solvite, vitagen, etc

 Of course, everything worked. Until, one day.. It was really bad that it totally freaked her. And after that, she is always holding up her poop. Adoyai. So even when she is not constipated, it is still difficult for her to poop.

 I really hate turning to suppository (eh betul ke this is how it is spelt?) as well as that butt squirt anema thing. The latter freaked the hell out of her. Imagine your toddler screaming " sakit! Sakit!" no way.

 I even notice she's holding up her pee these days. You know when you're stuck in a jam, and you gotta pee.. Terkepit kepit, peluh jantan pun dah keluar. That's how. What i'd do is run the tap and make that shhhh sound. Or what my bestie used to do when we were kids, tekan perut when i really gotta pee. Hehe! Sigh... Motherhood.

 Anyway.. This is a good read with lots of good link.

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