Tuesday, 25 December 2007

You're invited to a party Dahling...

merry x'mas peeps.. !

with the new year just around the corner.. and the rock stars have finally left the building (a.k.a my nephews).. i can finally concentrate on the wedding. trust me, these days .. days & months will just flew by. so no more.. ohh lambat lagiii.. no!

so today i decided to watch breakfast at tiffany's, to get some ideas. ive watched this when i was little.. and remember nothing of it. ye la.. those days of shorts & short hairs.. what the hell do i know what tiffany's are?!? *grin*

i also googled "tiffany blue wedding" and came across a very interesting link. it gave a very good idea on what should be achieved to get that tiffany's wedding. check it out peeps.. jangan salah buat baju!! ;) also another good link on doing it under a budget. but i think the idea of putting the stacks of blue boxes as centre pieces is a bit too x'masy.. mom said i need to asianise it *ngehngeh*

will update after i watched the movie ;)

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