Friday, 11 January 2008


yes. m stressed out. no.. not just stressed out. super stressed out. i cannot put my head to 1 thing at a time cos there's just too much to do. no worries.. nothing to do w/ the big day.

i have like 2 major papers to do before i leave for Java. then there's the adhoc things that came every single hour. then this morning one of em kicked the bucket & gave me the biggest headache (no offense).

and figuring out the Java trip is no joke. not the rupiah.. but the routes. anyone knows how i can get from surabaya to mount bromo (easiest and cheapest) ... holler. then from mt. bromo to malang. and malang to solo. and tell me how do i arrange to go to prambanan? solo - prambanan - manohara? or solo - prambanan - jogja -manohara (borobudur)? how??how???! tell me howw!!! the itinerary have been changed a couple of times.. the latest done to include all the costs.

train ? car? bus?

and how in the world m i gonna travel for 11 days w/ Rp10,000,000 in my back pack???! arghh!!!! how!?? how??!

i need my sneakers bar.


sugarysweet said...

11 days??!!
fuuhh..ini macam nak buat documentary nie..
title:'jejak french lace'..hehehehe

little miss kechik said...

the french lace is the easiest part. the pre lace is hell. but then again.. this will be a great start to 2008, dun cha think?