Friday, 11 January 2008


well.. ive put up the ticker counter. but actually the date is still TBA. but got my nerves all wrecked up i did the counter anyway *LOL*.

i finally heard from caveman.. after a month *bliss*. and his MMS were really of a caveman. yummy mummy.. sure ko takot tengok caveman aku. hahaha! i wanted to post em here.. tapi takot korang terus tanak datang wedding aku *LOL*.

so he said.. he wanna carry the date forward (2 days before my birthday woohoo!). the outlaws wanted 1 month after caveman's date (tall munchkin's wedding date). i want .. 1 month after the outlaws tentative date. hei.. 8th aug is on a friday ok.. bagos kan? *grin*

so i dunno.. m rooting for august. like my besties were telling me.. their moms got married in aug.. oughta be a good month. so's june.

whatever date it is.. i think i should have a place card for the tables. 1 table will say : BLOG STALKERS



tall munchkin said...

dont steal my date! tell the outlaws date tu dah kena book. jangan nak curi!

june or aug is fine :o) kekeke! 080808 is crazy date to get married babe. everything costs 3 times more coz orang cina suka no. 8.

little miss kechik said...

hahaha! i wont.. i wont.. no worries.. hahaha!

yea.. i predict the tok kadi will be all over the town to marry people off. i dun want to be queing in line at the mosque babe! :((