Saturday, 12 January 2008

on the phone...

i think this is the one gadget we all luv.. back in my kechik2 days (literally kechik.. now besar dah hahha) .. balik sekolah je.. terpa tepon.. balik sekolah je terpa tepon. sape wa tepon pun wa tak ingat. but mostly it was gals from class.. or gals from the team. masa ni.. kenal tall munchkin only. yummy mummy probably main tepon w/ ape turtle tah nama bf scotty die *LOL*

then masuk high skool.. (ceh high skool wekwek).. lagi la.. suka sangat main tepon. mainly for 2 reasons.. galfrens & boys. heh. hormons. top of mylist r my peeps.. tall munchkin, yummy mummy, poe, eni. khemy.. i wished i get to call her .. so she wont forget the duty roster name list. hahahah!

then my dad got the cordless phone for home.. wee! lagi syok! especially when it come to boys. malam je.. telinga will be all set to catch any ringing sound.. at any frequency pun leh dengar. berterabur kaki kejor! *LOL*. mainly.. cos of boys la. funny cos i dunno what happen to any of em.

uni..this is quiet irritating phone period. i dun think this involves peeps goss.. but stalkers..boys we dun like..ergh. kul 2, 3 pagi. at 1 point.. when our house phone was cruelly disconnected by telekom.. we had to use the public phones. heheh! of course.. jap je la. mana tahan kan.

this was all before the mobile madness came around. now.. i use immobile phones at the office. and now.. i hate it when it rings. hehehheh!

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