Sunday, 24 February 2008

charms! charms!

i went around scouting for a wedding ring. alone. sad. i want my caveman!!

anyways.. i was scouting for ideas. and these semi precious stones & pearls really got to me. the diamonds were.. err.. ntahla. not feeling em. but the stones was expy, nonetheless. the pearls set back about RM20,000. gile. dats my house fund gone to the fingers. and caveman will be eating my fingers after the wedding. udah duit abih sume beli cincin! *LOL*

but i did buy myself a ring.. and a charm. at forever 21. after trying on so many shades (darn they're too big & i aint got the nose bridge to hold it!).. the ring & charms were adorable. and cheap. yela.. ikut ati i want those thomas sabo's charms. but then again...

i think i need to revamp my hantaran ideas la. i mean, who needs another shoe or perfumes or make up that i hardly wear.. when we can have...........? *wink*

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