Wednesday, 26 March 2008


no fret.. i may be a little sleepless lately.. but i have not bitched anyone for quiet some time now. publicly, online, that is *LOL*

Pondok Bengong is what we in Malaysia calls gazebo, pangkin or wakaf. i have been eyeing one of these since my trip to Bali. it seemed every corner of Bali has a gazebo manufacturer / exporter, and they dont come cheap, mind you. even here at home.

but i'd love to have one of them at home. a tiny one will do. a shaded place outside where i can send caveman to smoke his ciggies. or a place we chicks can bitch without sitting outside the pagar.. a common site i see when i drive home to mama's. a bunch of makciks mengular tepi parit. oh yea, somewhere in Manjung, they've a wakaf.. and yes, only makciks occupy them between 5.45pm to 6.45pm *LOL*

these gazebos from Export Bali is fab. i love those with curtains. boleh lulur kat luar umah tuu... *grin*

a girl can dream ..yes?


a yummy mummy handbook said...

why are they called bengong??? bengong betul...:D

little miss kechik said...

hehe.. bengong sorta means termenung.. kira port berangan la nanti.. haha!