Thursday, 11 September 2008

the launching of..

after weeks of staring at empty walls & nothing but pipes floors, my prime project finally paid off. i know i should be a better blogger by blogging of things other then, well, wedding & home decor.. but hei.. its my freakin blog.. *LOL*


finally the bathroom project is complete. and i've been going to the mushroom pad to spruce it up. bagai dirasuk setan i've been filling it up with tiny2 things.. mind you.. these tiny things (umpan untuk roaches & cicak.. air freshner) .. its list is endless!

the mushroom pad.. before and after.. yes.. m that excited.. *LOL*

the hall ..before..

the hall.. after.. the table was a gift.. amik je laa.. *grin*

the master bedroom .. before (in the making)

the master bedroom.. after..

the gardens.. before..

the garden.. after... and no.. the sink is not part of it.. *teehee*

don't mind the bloody empty baskets.. the loo diva have yet to move in..*LOL*

still in the making... the laundry room...

wa.. kawan-kawan.. wa charge murah2 je... hahahaha!


a yummy mummy handbook said...

babe....your pad is beautiful..what a transformation!!..i book satu bilik..!!

little miss kechik said...

thank u.. thank u...kawan2 i charge murah je.. *LOL*

bilik mana nak?? yg ada katil.. or ade toto? heee

of twilight and dreams said...

misskechik !!

syoknya renovate your pad :) :) i can see the result has paid off well :):)

me & soulmate are getting a house soon, weehoo... i rasa nanti i pon akan di rasuk cam you jugak nak merenovate rumah... hahahha

and best part is, soulmate is a designer !!! wahhaha.... no designer fee :P

take care, don't stare too long at :P


Hani said...

weii..menyampah tgk tau :p
good job babe =)

little miss kechik said... we dont need designers.. we just need a crazy banker.. and an engineer.. tadaaa!


lis said...

wahhh.. come renovate my house!

Anonymous said...

woman!!!!! saya sangat mencemburui anda!


Indispensable_poe said...

beautiful!!! love your living room. where's the bed in your masterbedroom? red chandelier is excellent choice as centrepiece.
when you moving in?
don't mean to be a typical housewife, but make sure those kids keep their dirty sticky fingers off your gorgeous couch (really loving them), in fact keep them off your pad!!!

little miss kechik said...

lis.. buleh.. buleh..upah ayam goreng mcd je.. *LOL*

poe.. cuba teka where i got those couch.. hee... leuk ing chai.. ring a bell gals? *grin* bed belum sampai la.. hehe!

thanks for the well wishes peeps..

Indispensable_poe said...

leuk ing chai so upmarket now???? i'm impressed. but then again, it's how you dress up your living room that makes the couch stand out! hehehe... more sucking up coz just remembered that laksa johor might be on the cards for raya open house???
oh crap, just remembered that i had a dream last night with ppl from acs. sathesh included! did i tell you lot that my mom bumped into him in sitiawan and he was really polite coz he said hi to my mom first. he's married to a chinese girl. we're the best!!! oops this is not a sedition or stirring racial tension. kekeke

little miss kechik said...

oh yeaa.. u can actually customize your couch if you buy from them babe. hee.

no open house la, cos there's gonna be a hugeeeee open house on the 11th? ring a bell? hehehe!

ooo ye ke? i bumped into him in ipoh. i buat tak nampaaaaaaakk je. and yes, he was with a chinese family. so i was a bit blurred then. now i know why. hee.