Thursday, 25 September 2008

sori la mate..

browsing through the updates of my peeps' blogs.. i came across khemy's. never failed to amuse me, since high school.. i couldn't stop laughing at the entry. though, it was suppose to be on a serious note. it was a sorry list. and there was 2 that burst my depressive bubbles.. (khemy... u know which one la ek..)

so here's mine.. since i haven't blog stalk for a long time.. (yummymummy have not updated her blog since forEVER!)

1. sorri la ustazah sally for the same reason khemy was. and also for laughing too much during your classes. we know you hate us (us tu.. korang tau la korang sapa kan..*LOL). i just wanna say.. its khemy!! its her! she made me laugh!

2. sorry la ustaz musman .. sampai ari ni wa & bagak still imitate the way you stand & talk. m sorry also cos all i knew how to spell in jawi when i was 12 was "nga alip nga alip.. nga-nga"

3. a huge sorry to this girl who works at watson, midvalley.. for she asked me nicely.. "miss, would you like me to show you *something about a toothbrush*".. to which i bitchily reply.. "no thanks. i know how to brush my teeth". i was in a horrid mood cos my dog ex was being such a, well, dog. i felt horrible the moment she said "ok, thank you", and walked away. i remember it like it was yesterday. and i could still hear yummymummy's back lash (she was there) "you ni!! die tu keje carik rezeki halal ok?! "

3. sorry ma.. dulu masa kecik orang curi2 makan nasik & saden kat dapo masa bulan posa. ye.. tu sebab la orang volunteer bermati matian nak antor pinggan adik kat dapo *grin*

4. sorry to myself for a being a pathetic love sick idiot 6 years ago. i let myself down. and the people who loves me too. m sorry too.

5. a tonne of apologies to whom i've been a sarcastic biatch to (sometimes without even realising it).

6. finally... to the cruel people i've encountered in my sunny 29 years of life.. so sorry la you are like that. try harder next year ok *hee*

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