Monday, 29 December 2008

yaya lalalala yayayaya!

when i was a teeny tot.. this cousin of mine.. was always in Lumut. I dunno if it was an attempt to cheer us all up (Lumut back in the early 80's was doomstown ok..) or.. the then family of 4 was really into us *LOL*.. but either way.. we have always loved company. and i think back then when we first moved to Lumut circa 1982 - 1985.. a lot of our relatives visited us. or could it be the serene low key.. Naahh.. it was us. hehehe!

so.. this cousin of mine.. Yaya.. whom back then i thought had the coolest name (thus reinforcing why my name was.. like that, to my parents.. haha). i mean.. i don't know of anyone named Dahlia.. then.. until now. vintage kan? i loved her name.. and she was super cute back then (now i don't know la.. she's much taller & thinner & i hate her.. hahahahah)

through the wonderful world of blogsphering .. our path crossed via bloghoppers.. and she had her vengence by uploading my comot days pic *LOL* siap kauuu.... tunggu turn aku lak...

she's the 2nd cousin i found via the blogsphere.. and it has never been easy to explain to the ol skoolers how we got reconnected (blog? ape blog tu teh? haaa.. amikk..). 1st cousin found shall be blogged soon (sorry for the delay fy.... *grin*)

so yaya got married last saturday.. we drove up to ulu yam to attend her reception on sunday. to get to ulu yam.. we drove past a huge damp.. probably 5 kawasan perkelahan.. yang dipenuhi manusia2 yang menggelabah (note : u-turn tengah jalan, masuk tak bagik signal.. lek a.. takde kering nye ayor terjun tu.. eh ke sungai?)..

but her wedding was one of those that was very personalized.. and individualistic done, meaning.. the bride was still very much herself.. and we can see that in every aspect of the wedding..

*pengantin lelaki berpeluh kena bayor bukan setakat tol.. tapi tax! LOL*

from the posters of the direction (we couldn't stop laughing finding our way)..

to the beautiful dais made by my mak teh..
to the favours (super kewl ok.. nasib dapat satu.. although it was meant for keluarga pengantin lelaki.. hee).. i especially love "The Cik Ya Wedding Crew" a.k.a the flower tots.. cute gilee...! they made tiny tees for them and they were adorable.

at one point they were telling me.. "aunty.. kite kena dera tau.. kena diri dalam panas".. i wasn't quick with my response & in split seconds they were screaming "aunty!! amik gambar!!" strike a pose!! *LOL*

and don't forget the Guests' Note section.. awww... see.. even my mom was hooked.. and to think she won't let me have it on my wedding.. heehee!

it was a huge family reunion. my dad was uber happy. he talked all the way home.. while i squint my eyes, driving in the rain.

oh yea.. did i mention her place was minutes away from the outlaws? it was great seeing them after 2 months.. yela laki aku belayor, sogan la den nak gi kan.. heehee.

so all in all.. it was a great day for the whole family. mama pun turun with my mak long from bp. as usual, nangis je la minah tu jupe sumeorg. hee.

to Dahlia & Faridz (cuba teka 2nd name die ape.. that's righttt... Ridzuan..hahaha) ..

Selamat Pengantin Baru..
moga kekal ke anak cucu (ayat yang aku tak sabor2 nak recycle lepas bulan 10 aritu)..

and yes yaya.. we shall take em back to endau.. and leave them there.. hahahahaha!

p/s : more pics in my flickr


yayafrdz said...

skeeee nyaaa pictt....Xspecially me yang overrr time baling2 sweet tuuu..wakaka....siap dgn muncung sekali.

Rai said...

girls...i love everything bout d wedding...looks like u guys really had fun~ nak reuse the idea can?

little miss kechik said...

yaya :all the pics turn out great babe. gambor lu kat damp tu lawa siot.. hee! pak ngah tengah cari mana gambor kite kat stadium.. nak compare muncung.. hahah!

rai : a fun wedding is a wedding that was meticulously planned with tons of love. btul.. tak tipu.. hahahah!