Wednesday, 4 February 2009

success!! success!!

m an avid DIYer.. just like my dad. when i have the time, that is. but that doesn't stop me from getting all the DIY mags.. i think they have many neat tricks.. provided you have the time.. and actually could get some of the things they needed. being in lumut... susahla cket kan.. hee.

one of it was a garden container box. i was thinking, there is no way i could a wooden crate these days.. until, CNY came.. and i was not around.. of course. tapi kalau wa ada pun.. bukan dorang bagik limau tu kat wa.. lalu tepi telinga je la. kroni. anyhoos.. when i came back from my long leave.. there was a wooden crate (for the mandarin oranges) lying around (yes, they are lazy - ass - man - i - pity - their - wife/wives).

jengjengjeng!! (light bulb!! light bulb!!)

so i took it back.. sand paper it.. and spray paint it (note to self.. paint is better than spray.. dah la susah nak dapat an even coat... time consuming gile!!) red.

the result... :

the before

the mess

the process

the big idea

the big picture

can anyone tell me what flower is this? it looked just like a mini hydrangea.. but with leaves that shows that it is not a hydrangeas.. *hee* the red one has yet to bloom..but it is my fav right now (after my japanese roses la)


yayafrdz said...

bunga tahi ayam kot...hahahaha... rajin la kak teh ni..kalo yaya bela kaktus je senang...xyah siram sgt..haha

little miss kechik said...

orang tanam kaktus yg ade bunga kuning tu kan..? bunga tu jadik ijau!! hahaha! tobat pastu tanak bela kaktus! hahahaha!