Wednesday, 18 November 2009

my take on .. labour&all the hard work..

well.. 1 day after the EDD has passed.. caveman & i headed to the obgyn for the regular check up.. and of course.. the verdict. initially i was convinced that i dont want to be induced.. and shall wait for munchkin to arrive on her own terms.

her own terms she has..

upon some very uncomfortable check ups.. i've been told that since the last check up (at 38th week).. i am still only a centimeter dilated. and no thinning or dilating is progressing. *sigh*

so after going through the pros & cons of being induced.. we gave in.. and were checked in immidiately (remember the bags that was there since forever? we finally get to take it out..hehe)..

the first funnies we had was i had to change to a sarung. which, i have no idea how to. skipping other embarassing & painful stuff (m sure u get my drift) .. i was induced at 11 am.

hours passed.. nurses change shifts.. but all came in to check on me to see if m having any contraction. more hours passsed.. many more phone calls, textes.. facebook updates.. and dvd.. and still no sign. but my back was starting to hurt really bad. and that's that.

7 hours passed.. and i finaly start to feel my 20 mins apart contractions. 20 then became 5. it felt like a big poop coming but not *LOL* but the nurses assured me that it was a light contraction.. light macam tu... kalu nak terberanak camne lak kan???! so i was quiet happy that there's some kind of progress (tell me which woman in labour says this about contraction? haha). and when i thought my water break... it wasn't (and it was pee either.. it was the meds) ..i was still 1cm dilated. and please dont remind me how much i hate both the process and the result! then i had a bloody show.. i was like.. yey!! we're getting somewhere!

somewhere we didnt.. all the pain quickly subsided.. and i slept like a baby through the night. sigh.

earlier i have mentioned to obgyn that should my labour did not progress... i can only tolerate a 12 hour wait.. then m going for a c-sect. i woke up at 5am.. excitedly waiting for the obgyn to clock in at 9am to see if there's any progress. main motivation.. a lady who was induced at 3 pm the day before has delivered a baby girl at 3am..her scream (the baby's) was such a boost.

alas.. nothing dilation, no thinning of cervix. and before i could say about the c-sect.. i was induced again. how i was feeling? i finally broke into tears (no the contractions didn't do me any emo damage) as i thought of all those hours wasted. obgyn told me to wait till lunch hour before proceeding for a c-sect (yes, obgyn very the pro au-naturel one).

as usual, no contraction. and i fell asleep.. until the senior nurse came with a letter of consent for a c-sect. yey! caveman who was also sleeping was super blur he asked "bile nye nak buat ni?" hahhah!

next thing i know.. m in a robe.. poked into places.. texted mama (caveman was a little lost all he could remember was giving me my handphone and asked me to text her LOL).

we started at about 12.30... and 12.55 i saw her for the first time. poe was right.. i was groggy to feel the emotional part. and as caveman held her for the first time & recite the azan & iqamat.. she held one of my finger. at that point, i know this is exactly what i wanted.

being a mommy.


Hani said...

awww.. u poor thing
apa2 pun asalkan semua dah selamat dan selesai..

Sha said...

Syukur everything went fine in the end.

SarahLee said...

Whatever ways she chose to come, it all didn't matter anymore when you first laid eyes on her =)

Btw, you were induced at 11 am or pm?

I have pretty similar stories to yours, induction part, but I was soon fully dilated once I took the painkiller, ie epidural!

mama elman said...

congrates on ur N.E.W A.R.R.I.V.A.L!!!

yayafrdz said...

congrats kak teh..... welcome hannah. muaxx....

Fieran said...


emas_juita said...

congrats congrats congrats