Saturday, 19 December 2009

the ups and downs of.. post partum..

oklah.. don't call me overrated.. but m just going on with the flow. when i was single.. i talked about, well life at that point of time (not that i have much la kan..haha). then the trip to the pelamin (mana ade altar kan..) as a freaky bridezilla got me talking about nothing but weddings for the entire friggin year. then the pregnancy fiasco.. and now, my little munchkin is in the picture. so, stick to it la e..

anyways.. 7 more days until freeeeeeeedddoooooooommm... yup.. confinement is almost over. i must say, m not a big fan. and i didn't follow most of it. mostly because i went through a c-section, so barut..bengkung.. bertanggas.. what nots.. phew. and i can't stand the pilis, param. but the food.. unfortunately its all fish for me. urgh. but, i got the green light for mcd's prosperity.yums. but the red meat has proven to cause munchkin to break out a nasty bout of rashes. on her face. it was called acne by her peds. but m convinced it was the red meat in my diet. but a couple of days on sebameds as well as sudocrem, it seemed to have significantly reduced. baby soft skin, again.

breastfeeding have not been without its bad turns. first the no show. then the tortured nipples (and inverted). then mastitis. ouch. right breast this week. left breast the next. major ouch. m telling ya, i can do labour and delivery everyday... but not mastitis. it actually made me cry. after 30 days into confinement, mastitis finally break the wonder woman in me. but a course antibiotics and pain killers, and munchkin's rampage feeding session.. m glad to report that the breastfeeding sessions are under control. insyaAllah. ofcourse now m finding out ways from my pro lactation peeps to improve the flow. caveman & my mom said i have a steel will power. she said she quit breastfeeding on the first day. hehe. i don't know how long i get to breastfeed munchkin.. hopefully for many, many more months. i can already see the reward. she was 4.2kg last week, chubbby cheeks and a round cute belly.

sigh.. lagi seminggu.. lamanye

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Ida said...

Malaysia Boleh Teh!Aku sebenarnya nak exclusive bfeed sampai 12mths(hehe tapi 7.5mths terpaksa start solid dah setiap 30 min nak susu hehe)..aku confinement malay tak ikut..sumua aku bedal...mana larat beb at 30th days laki outstation tinggal aku sorg dgn baby and a 2-year old maritza...cuba bygkan..wonder woman btl aku..masa anak sulung pon my mom tak de jaga masa pantang hubby pon keje...yeah still remember i did all the house chores masa umur maritza seminggu...yea...termasukla mengemop rumah