Thursday, 10 December 2009

tra la la..

what i miss most about being preggers :

1. my exceptionally round and huge belly. hot ok.. ahahh! (now.. hello pudgy..long time no see)
2. my maternal glow (now.. welcome back freckles!)
3. people cutting me some slacks just because m preggers (that's a whole lotta slack i must say hahha! now.. *sobs*)
4. eat all u can babe! (now.. nuff said)
5. long hours of sleep (in between pee breaks are no big deals compared to now)

so tell me what's the compensation for all of the above :

1. soon i get to sleep on my belly again (ooo my pinggang surely need that break!)
2. hannah sleeping beside me (now 1 hand on my booby, and 1 feet on my thigh)
3. hannah again. chubby, chubby hannah laughing tengah2 malam in her sleep (yes, creepy if you're an adult.. but if you're hannah.. aaawwww)
4. a shopping trip maybe.. (baju sume dah tak muat .. my boobs have a mind of its own now)

1 comment:

emas_juita said...

hehehe...quite a great compensation heh.