Saturday, 30 January 2010

at 07:00..

i realised i have not blogged anything else but breastfeeding and munchkin. well... it is my blog. so?

and it has been hectic. i so wish i could get away from work. forever. i just want to watch hannah grow. sigh.

and she gave me quiet a scare a couple of mornings ago. she threw up some mucus with blood. some is an under statement when it was on my sleeves as well as hers. her paed said it could be due to the nasal drop (which i've stopped a couple of days before this happened) which we've been using for her stuffy nose. but now her poo has some black dots (which is decreasing, phews).. so i dunno. sigh.. i dunno.

and apart from my mom begging me to stop breastfeeding.. (which i have no intention to).. nothing has improved as hannah hates the bottle, still. and i've decided to stop thinking about it. fine, i'll work around her feedings (hopefully by the time she starts solid its not so bad.. plus, there's still the magic cup we have yet to try). fine, my boss is giving me the shits (he has way before m a fine, my mom cries everytime hannah wails for me (nak sangat cucu pompuan kan..? so?). fine, i have to invest in nursing clothes, plan everything meticulously before going out (i have yet tried nursing in public.. but i found nursing chamisoles.. so i dont have to buy those awful nursing tops yikes - awful means bloody expensive tapi macam tu je rupenye).

i remembered watching oprah.. and they have all these mommies talking about the things they went through. and as i recalled my own peeps' stories.. i realised i've started losing out on my options too (i have yet to find a way to slot in my facial in between feedings).

but then again..

telan laa!! nak sangat beranak... amik laaaaa ubat....



Ida said...

nursing in public aku tak pernah buat lg...either cari surau atau dalam keta...itupon if keta bergerak...kalau benti kat traffic light i cannot...tak berani... penah dgr citer minah ni tgh bf anak dia lam keta katvstesen myk... bangla keje tu dok intai2...if terpaksa pakai telekung nyusu lam keta...nobody will knw ur activity...hrhhrhr

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The Traveller said...

hahaha....good mommy!!

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