Tuesday, 30 March 2010

the one when we went away part 2

Day 2 was supposed to be mommy's&opah's day.ala bukan nak beli ape pun,m running out of nursing bra&need to register for the celcom broadband (goodbuhhbye streamshits!u suxxx!).

So today i've decided to use the mothercare carrier,which i dislike for the super many harness(at one point you will feel like you're going hiking,intead of carrying a baby).the last time i used it was when hannah was 2 months old.little did i know,she has outgrown it,and she couldn't rest her head on the cushioned head thingy for she is taller then it.

But it was still ok,she even slept in it while i go around getting my stuff.its much kinder on my shoulder&back too.

i wanted to nurse her in the surau, unfortunately the aircond was on timer&will only be switched on when the prayer time is approaching.it was only 12pm then.since she's still asleep,we decided to have lunch&maybe i could nurse her then.ceh,berani la konon.tengok2 punyele sempit antara meja&kusi tu.so i had to walk all the way back to the surau&feed her.she kept smiling at me as i was blowing her face to keep her cool.peluh wa jangan cite la,menjejeh jejeh dah.hehe!

overall,it was a good trip.and as i type back in our big bedt, while hannah is nursing..i realised maybe hannah is ok with all these shopping trips or whatever kind of trips.all she needs in mommy&the air conditioner.hehe!

And by the way,we later discovered there is a baby room just a sneeze away from where we were having lunch.with a couch&a/c.sigh..

And biotherm has discontinued my favourite body spray.ohhh nooo...

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Ida said...

kalau streamyx suck... celcom broadband lagi sucker... aku asalnya celcom broadband tp pi tkau streamyx...better tp tak mobile la tu aje